Saturday, December 7, 2013

CRL&P Daily Reads: Dec. 7, 2013

Federal court hears case alleging the heat on death row in a Louisiana prison is unsafe; civil rights lawsuit filed alleging that a diabetic inmate died because the prison failed to provide adequate medical care; and, civil rights lawsuit alleges the police in a Miami suburb targeted African-Americans.

Fourth Circuit orders gun found on a convicted felon suppressed because it was obtained during an illegal search.

Americans are more deeply divided on gun policy than before Newtown; Plain Dealer columnist contrasts Newtown parents efforts to keep children safe from guns with those of gun-rights activists; and, Georgia man mistakingly kills a man suffering from Alzheimer's.

Iowa Supreme Court upholds law banning non-residents from hunting on property that they own.

Amish girl refuses chemo.

Panel discusses 'Who's afraid of free speech' at Newseum; and, South Carolina sheriff refuses to lower flag to honor Mandela.

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