Thursday, November 21, 2013

CRL&P Daily Reads: Nov. 21, 2013

Many believe NSA intrusions go too far, and most Americans believe Snowden leaks harmed national security; President Reagan played a role in NSA's development; NSA spies on Britons despite no-spying pact; and, Toomey & Kaufmann argue that the problems with NSA surveillance are the result of too much secrecy.

Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear challenge to voter ID law; proponent of Wisconsin voter ID law claims that people who can't vote just don't care; and, Massachusetts House approves early voting and online registration.

Online impersonators are not protected by the First Amendment, according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Disgruntled businessman uses newspaper editor's name to direct people to hardcore porn website.

Police use of license plate readers draws criticisms from privacy groups.

Rep. John Lewis speaks about President Kennedy's complicated relationship with civil rights.

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