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Monday, May 1, 2017

Moving my blog site

Dear readers,

Time to put The China Collection in your blog reader.

After twelve years (I started in May 2005) and almost a million visits here at the Chinese Law Prof Blog, I'm making some major changes in my blogging.

  • I'm changing the blog name.
  • I'm changing the URL.
  • I'm changing the platform.
  • I'll have several co-bloggers.

Why? Basically, I wanted (a) to have more hands-on control over the blog's format and various bells and whistles, and (b) to get some co-bloggers with me so that the blog itself could feature more frequent posts on a wider variety of subjects, including not just law but also politics, economics, and finance. My co-bloggers at the moment are (or will be, to be more exact) Nicholas Howson (Michigan), Carl Minzner (Fordham), and Barry Naughton (UC San Diego). For more information, check out my first post.

To summarize: No more blogging at this address. From now on, it's all at I'm grateful to Paul Caron for setting up this blog network many years ago and providing a very easy on-ramp to blogging for many of us.

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