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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Funding available for China-EU research projects

I have received the following announcement:

New Research Applications Due Before July 1st, 2013





The China EU School of Law (CESL) is happy to announce that a new round of research applications has been opened. Scholars, researchers and professionals can apply for funding to conduct scholarly research in the domain of China –EU law and legal developments. Funding is available for conferences in China and/or within the EU, for which travel costs and per diems can be reimbursed; also projects can be funded in which Chinese and EU research and researchers is brought together. Finally CESL does facilitate the publication of scholarly output in articles through the China EU Law Journal and of books in the newly established China EU Law Series, both published by Springer.

Research is expected to be in the domain of the China EU School of Law; we do expect all projects to be undertaken by a team of Chinese and EU scholars /researchers / professionals. Furthermore, we may only fund costs related to travel and per diems. And furthermore staff costs related to the coordination and execution of the research project. We do expect each project to account for its activities with a report after finalization, and to culminate in articles for the China EU Law Journal or in a book published in the China EU Law Series, both edited under the auspices of CESL. For an indication: we foresee to have available for each project a maximum of 20.000 EURO. Click for the Research Guide and Application Form.

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