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Monday, March 14, 2011

Post-doctoral fellowships, Clarke Program, Cornell Law School

I have received the following announcement. Note that the application deadline is very soon: March 25th.

Post Doctoral Fellows
Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture, Law School
Cornell University
Meridian 180, a new community of prominent intellectuals and policy makers in Asia, the United States and around the world interested in new ways of thinking about law and markets broadly conceived, seeks to hire two Fellows at its center of operations at Cornell University, in Ithaca New York. The aim of Meridian 180 is to generate the new paradigms and solutions for the next generation of transpacific relations. Fellows will play an integral part in this mission through translation, research, and outreach to wider public and policy communities.

Meridian 180 is a project of the Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture at the Cornell Law School. It is a non-profit, non-political project funded through private donations and with support from Cornell Law School. It is comprised of Senior Fellows and of Members in law, the academy, private practice and policy circles who meet regularly via an on-line platform supporting multilingual conversation, as well as periodically in face to face conferences. Ideas that emerge from these conversations are then incubated and developed, with the help of the Fellows, into forms in which they can make a difference in each individual society—ranging from policy papers to academic books, blog entries, and individual conversations with policy makers.

Fellows will be responsible for the day to day maintenance and translation of on-line dialogues. They will also work with Senior Fellows to produce the white papers, books, op-eds and other forms of output that may emerge from the on-line conversations. Other responsibilities will include working with the Director and Assistant Director on strategic planning, project development, and conducting their own research.
Duties and responsibilities (with approximate % of work time):

•         Day to day maintenance and translation of on-line dialogues on (30%): Using the translator interface, the Fellows will be providing on-line translations from and to English of Senior Fellows’ interventions on the website. So that conversations are translated as they unfold, this will be a daily task for the Fellows.

•         Work with Senior Fellows to produce publications emerging from on-line conversations (25%): Once an on-line conversation is closed, the Fellows will work with the Senior Fellows to write/edit/research/produce the final versions of conversations that will be made publicly available, either on or in other venues (in electronic format or in print – policy papers, books, op-eds, etc.).

•         Work with the Director and Assistant Director on strategic planning (10%): The Fellows will help developing new research directions and new outreach initiatives for both and the Clarke Program. The Fellow will help identify emerging scholars whose work should be promoted and/or included on and more generally via the Clarke Program.

•         Project development (15%): Fellows will work on larger Clarke Program projects, related or not to In particular, they will help with the organization of the conferences which, each year, will convene Senior Fellows to further and promote the ideas developed in on-line conversations.

•         Fellows will be given time (20%, i.e. 8h/week) to pursue their own academic research and interests. While considered a plus, their research topics do not have to be related to or part of Clarke Program projects.
•         law degree (LLB) or PhD in the humanities or social sciences

•         fluency in English and either Chinese or Japanese

•         professional experience as translator/interpreter is strongly preferred

•         other preferred skills/qualities: entrepreneurial initiative; independence, ability to work in teams, maturity, writing skills, research/scholarly experience, organization, focus, interest in the future of the East Asia-US relationship
Application procedure:
Interested applicants should submit a resume, cover letter and writing sample by March 25 to Donna Hastings at [email protected]

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