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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The "Blood-Stained Housing Map" (血房地图)

The Wall Street Journal's China Realtime Report writes:

China’s property sector, with its forced evictions and sometimes bloody confrontations, has long been described as something akin to a war zone. Now a team of online volunteers, led by an anonymous Chinese blogger, has launched a map-based project that brings that simile into stark relief.

Called “the Blood-Stained Housing Map,” the project uses Google Maps to plot violent housing evictions and land grabs across the country. The result bears an eerie, and sobering, resemblance to the Guardian’s own Google Maps chart showing deaths recorded in the Wikileaks Iraq war logs.

For the full report, click here. There are two maps: a “revised” version edited by the founder that shows only verified cases and an “open” version that anyone can add to or edit.

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