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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tax case against Xu Zhiyong/OCI dismissed

Just noticed this on Xu Zhiyong's blog:




Quick translation:

On Aug. 21, 2010, in the afternoon, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau decided to dismiss the case of suspected tax evasion against Gongmeng Company [i.e., Xu's organization, known in English as the Open Constitution Initiative] on the grounds that Gongmeng Company had paid the fine. The PSB returned the company account books as well as other confiscated materials. At the same time, the release on bail of Zhuang Lu and Xu Zhiyong was dissolved [i.e., they are free unconditionally and not just out awaiting trial].

To date, the court has not accepted Gongmeng Company's case over its disputed legal status. But whatever Gongmeng Company's legal status, we citizens will continue just as before to promote the establishment and growth of civil society.

Thanks to everyone for your constant concern and support! This is our incentive to keep going. No matter what problems we encounter, we will stubbornly maintain our ideal of a good society.

Background for those who don't know: Here's a news story from the L.A. Times about the case, which began last summer.

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