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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chinese law journals in English

There's been some discussion recently on the Chinalaw list about Chinese law journals in English. Here's a list of those the community knows about, with comments taken from list members' comments:

  • Frontiers of Law in China: Selected Publications from Chinese Universities, Jointly published by the Chinese Higher Education Press and Springer, 2006-, irregularly. 
Most of the members of the editorial board of this scholarly journal are from the Law School of Renmin University of China. They select and translate academic papers on law published in China. The journal is available both in print and online at 
  • China Legal Science, Beijing: China Legal Science Journal Press, 2001-, annual.

This English annual journal is published by the same press that publishes the Chinese bimonthly Zhongguo Faxue (中国法学). This journal presents English translations of some good articles selected from its sister publication, Zhonguo Faxue. Both journals are the official publications of the China Law Society. The Harvard Law Library has it up to 2003; it seems to have ceased publication after that.

The link I've provided is to a page offering subscriptions. It claims quite falsely that this is the "FIRST and ONLY" law journal published by China's finest law school. Other journals published by the law faculty are Zhong-Wai Faxue (中外法学) and Beida Faxue Pinglun (北大法学评论); the latter began in 1998.

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