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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still more on the Xu Zhiyong case

Xu Zhiyong has now been formally arrested on a charge of tax evasion. Here's a copy of the arrest warrant. (Note that he was already in detention at the time of his arrest.)

In addition, Gongmeng's business registration has been revoked; here's a copy of the decision.
[Aug. 23, 2009: Previous erroneous text deleted, following text added.] The decision cites Art. 69 of the Regulations on the Administration of Company Registration, which states: "提交虚假材料或者采取其他欺诈手段隐瞒重要事实,取得公司登记的,由公司登记机关责令改正,处以5万元以上50万元以下的罚款;情节严重的,撤销公司登记或者吊销营业执照。" (Where a company registration is acquired by false submissions or other fraudulent means, a company registration organ shall order correction, and impose a fine of not less than 50,000 yuan but not more than 500,000 yuan; if the case is serious, shall revoke the company registration or revoke the business license.)

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