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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Violent demolition of homes in Yingbei Village, Shandong

Here's a video recently posted to Youtube showing the beating by thugs of villagers resisting demolition of their homes. The Chinese titles are below (thanks to a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous for the translation). This kind of thing doesn't just happen out in the sticks; the July 4th edition of the New Beijing News (新京报) reports here that a villager in Miyun County, which belongs to Beijing, was beaten to death for resisting demolition.

Here are the titles to the Youtube video:

1) With the formal promulgation of the Property Rights Law on October 1, 2007, the useage rights of residents to their homes became sacred and inviolable.

2) However, in Yingbei Village, Weikuiwen District, Shandong Province, many people, as they were beaten and cursed, lost their homes.

3) In order to renovate the old village, the village chief Gao Zhigang, without having achieved a consensus of a majority of the people in the village, led his son, gang members and others, to force demolitions of homes.

4) May 28, 2008

5) They beat up some poor old people.

6) (at time 1:25) forced them out of their own homes

7) (at time 1:54) they beat up young people who dared to defend their homes. [DC: I think this should be in the singular.]

8) (at time 2:34) beating them over and over again.

9) (at time 3:53) the young people were beaten unconscious

10) (at 4:04) Not that nobody cared, but nobody dared to care

11) (at time 4:44) Send to the hospital for emergency treatment

12) (at 5:32)  The local government blocked any information of this incident. The peasants had no where to turn.  In today's society, peasants still suffer from this kind of oppression!

13) (at 5:44)   I hope that everyone will notice this incident, and notice how the power and violence are abused in our harmonious society! -- tw

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Posted by: Matt | Jul 10, 2008 6:16:14 AM

I would edit caption #6 to say "they are literally dragged out of their own homes."
It is a very literal sense of 拖, even the image afterwards.

Posted by: bettycoltrane | Jul 14, 2008 8:48:34 PM

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