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Friday, September 7, 2007

New Chinese law-related blog

Dr. Flora Sapio, a researcher at Lund University in Sweden, has a blog called "Forgotten Archipelagoes" that is mostly about detention in China but, as she says, not just detention, and not just in China. Check out the right hand side of the blog page for interesting links.

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The blog may have been already blocked in mainland China, though. It can be accessed from Hong Kong and Macao, but a couple of people residing in China told me they could not view it. This seems really strange to me.

I am just referring to the mainland Chinese media. So there is absolutely no way how I could publish sensitive or "illegal" information. Besides, I do not think the posts are particularly critical of China.

Posted by: Sapio | Sep 9, 2007 9:23:41 AM

Join the club, Flora - this very blog is also blocked in mainland China.

Posted by: Don Clarke | Sep 11, 2007 11:13:54 AM

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