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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Edgar Snow JD Scholarship, UMKC School of Law

The following announcement comes from Prof. Patrick Randolph:

2007 Edgar Snow J.D. Scholarship
UMKC School of Law

The University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Law (UMKC) is pleased
to announce this year's competition for the Edgar Snow Scholarship.
This scholarship and an associated fellowship package  will provide  an
allowance sufficient to cover most of the expenses of pursuing a three
year J.D. program at the  School of Law. including tuition, living
expenses and books.

Interviews for the scholarship will be conducted in China from March 19
- 26.  Interested candidates should apply for an appointment by
contacting program assistant Nancy Kunkel at  Location
of the interviews will be arranged with individual applicants, but it is
possible that applicants will have to travel to a major Chinese city to
have the interview.

About the Scholarship:

The school has one Edgar Snow Scholarship it may award each year.  It is
named for the famous journalist and friend of China, Edgar Snow, who
introduced many Americans for the first time to the revolutionaries who
established modern China.   Edgar Snow was born and raised in Kansas
City, and the University houses his personal papers in the Edgar Snow
Reading Room on campus.

This is the seventh year of the scholarship program.  Three graduates of
the Edgar Snow program are now practicing as major commercial law firms
in America.  Four others are practicing law in China - three at
international law firms in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Another is in a
Chinese law firm in Hangzhou.  Another JD graduate from UMKC also is
practicing with a major international firm in Beijing.  We are happy to
put interested current candidates in touch with our JD graduates  so
that they may know more about the program.  In fact, next year's
scholarship will be partly funded by these graduates in recognition of
the benefits they received from the program.

There a number of other special benefits, including special assistance
in housing,  summer internship in a leading American law firm and, of
course, the prestige of joining a series of outstanding UMKC graduates
of this program who are practicing law in major law firms in the U.S.
and China.

About UMKC and Kansas City:

UMKC is a quality state-supported law school with an enrollment of about
500 students, located in a very pleasant and safe environment,
convenient to a significant  city. The University draws about 20% of its
enrollment from foreign countries, mostly from Asia. Almost half of the
university's enrollment is in graduate programs. There are many Chinese
on campus.   We will have   as many as fifteen LLM candidates from China
here next year, and three Chinese Edgar Snow Scholars in the J.D.

The city of Kansas City is a substantial commercial center, with many
large  law firms, two federal district courts and a home for the Eighth
Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, in addition to a district of the
Missouri Court of Appeals.  Although, of course, it is not a seaport,
there is an active international trade practice in the city, which has a
free trade zone and emphasizes agricultural exports.  There are a number
of significant multinational companies, among them Hallmark and Sprint

Requirements for the Scholarship:

Students applying for this scholarship must be graduates of a recognized
Chinese Law School with an outstanding record, receive an outstanding
score on the LSAT examination,  receive the recommendation of members of
their law school faculty, and have an interview with a  UMKC
representative in China.  Outstanding English expression and
comprehension skills are required. GENERALLY SPEAKING, AN LSAT SCORE IN
COMPETITIVE, but the selection committee looks at other factors
indicating achievement as well.

The TOEFL test is required, but other evidence of  skill in the English
language is desirable Of course, the students also must fill out an
application for admission to the Law School and be admitted.

Most of the scholarship is grant, and will be renewed on an annual basis
assuming satisfactory performance.  A small amount will be paid as a
fellowship through work/study performance.  After the first year, it is
anticipated that this work will be as a research assistant for a Law
School professor.  In addition,  assuming good academic performance, it
is our expectation that there will  be an opportunity for the student to
intern at a major Kansas City law firm in the summers, which will
provide substantial additional income and good work experience in
American law.

The first year in law school is very demanding, and therefore the law
school discourages students from taking outside work during that time.
Therefore, although we will award a full scholarship, including a
work/study opportunity sufficient to cover living expenses, books and
insurance during the first year we recommend that the student bring
sufficient funds to pay those expenses without working.  A safe amount
to bring would be $7000, although some students have been able to have
far lower expenses than that.   After the first year, it should be
possible to earn any needed amounts.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide students with outstanding
English abilities and legal aptitude an opportunity to get intensive
exposure to the American legal system through the obtaining of  a J.D.
degree, and to use that  training to contribute to the development of
the Chinese legal system and its interraction with American law and
business.  Students likely would be able to earn the degree with less
than three years of study, but we encourage them to continue for the
entire three year program.

Interested parties may contact Professor Patrick A. Randolph, Jr. at Although Chinese students without scores in the
highest range of the LSAT may, of course apply for and gain admission to
the school of law, they will not be eligible for the Edgar Snow
Scholarship.  Like most American law schools, the UMKC School of Law has
few other financial aid resources for foreign students.

Admissions materials for UMKC Law School can be found at

You also must be admitted as a foreign student to the University.  The
application for that is at:

Application requires an application fee which typically is not waived.
If you are applying for the Edgar Snow scholarship, and otherwise would
not apply to UMKC, you may want to contact me as set forth below first,
so that I can tell you if it is worthwhile for you to complete the

If you are applying for the Edgar Snow Scholarship, you should send a
personal statement indicating your educational and professional
background and setting forth your LSAT  score and any other test scores
or information you deem relevant to me, along with contact information
so that we can be in touch with you regarding an interview if you are in
the pool of finalists.

My email address is

My mailing address is:

Patrick A. Randolph, Jr.
UMKC School of Law
500 E. 52nd Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64110

fax is (816) 235 5276

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