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Friday, October 27, 2006

Follow-up to the Qin Zhongfei case

A few days ago, I posted here about the arrest of Qin Zhongfei for dissemination through e-mail and text message of a satirical poem. According to the Southern Metropolitan News (南方都市报), the charges have now been dismissed. Here's an edited summary of the article's contents:

On Oct. 24, the Pengshui country procuratorate dismissed the charges against Qin Zhongfei and suggested that he seek compensation.  According to Qin's lawyers, the libel charges were officially dismissed based on Article 130 of the Criminal Code of China. 

Compensation for wrongful detention is set at the daily average wage for Chinese workers. The 2005 daily average is 73.3 yuan. Qin, who was detained for 29 days (detained on 9/1, formally arrested on 9/11, and paroled on 9/28), received a total compensation of 2,125.70 yuan. The police apologized for their erroneous action, but compensation was paid (according to the article) by the procuratorate on Oct. 25.

The Southern Metropolitan News report (in Chinese) is here.

Thanks to Yawei Liu of the Carter Center for this information.

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