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Monday, October 17, 2005

Human rights organizations back in from the wilderness?

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch will be pleased to know that they are being cited as authoritative sources of information on human rights issues in the PRC press. In this case, however, it's their concerns over due process issues in Saddam Hussein's upcoming trial that is being reported. Well, it's a start.

On a serious note, the Chinese government - or at least some parts of it - have been surprisingly receptive to international human rights NGOs recently. Last June, a 2-day seminar on human rights was held in Beijing to which representatives of Amnesty International, Article 19 (a British free-speech group), and Human Rights in China were invited. Regrettably, not all branches of the government were on board in this case: the HRIC representative, Sharon Hom, was subject to an effort by plainclothes security men to take her from her hotel for questioning (they ultimately failed in the attempt to remove her physically, but did question her for an hour on a variety of topics). News report here.

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