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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

China's WTO implementation

Several US business organizations have recently released reports on China's WTO compliance and the business environment in China.

  • The US-China Business Council has issued a report dated Sept. 14, 2005 entitled "China's WTO Implementation: An Assessment of China's Fourth Year of WTO Membership." The report is available here: PDF format | HTML format. The USCBC also surveys its member companies annually to get a snapshot of the business environment in China. The results of that survey, dated Aug. 30, 2005, are available here.
  • The National Association of Manufacturers has a report dated Sept. 6, 2005 entitled "Review of China's Compliance with Its WTO Commitments."
  • The American Chamber of Commerce in China and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai released their 2005 White Paper on American Business in China on Sept. 1, 2005. So far only the 2004 White Paper is available on their web site, but the 2005 White Paper should be available soon. Click on "Publications" on AmCham China's home page.
  • On Sept. 13, 2005, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released its 2005 report on China's WTO implementation. So far only the 2004 report is available on its web site, but presumably the 2005 report will be available soon. A press release summarizing the report's conclusions is available here.

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