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Sunday, September 30, 2018

New Jersey's Latest Marijuana Act Could Mean Weed Delivery and Public Consumption

State lawmakers in New Jersey have just sent the latest bill that would legalize marijuana and lay the foundation for a commercial weed industry in New Jersey to the state's Governor Phil Murphy.

A recent article by covers some of the highlights from the latest bill.

Businesses with a marijuana retail license would be able to apply to have a consumption space on the same premises as, but separated from, their dispensary. Retailers would have to get local approval for the consumption space in addition to getting permission from the state, the bill says. Maxresdefault

If passed, this aspect of the bill would set New Jersey apart from most states which have legalized marijuana but have yet to legalize public consumption. 

The article also discuss the bill's allowance for weed delivery services by licensed retailers.

Businesses with a marijuana retail license would be able to get permission from the state to deliver cannabis products to customers. Not all states allow marijuana to be delivered, but California, Nevada and Oregon do.

The bill could pass as early as October and licensing approval would begin shortly after--with cultivation to follow closely behind. Accordingly, New Jersey may have a marijuana market in place by next September. 

--Gabrielle Rennie

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