Thursday, April 11, 2024

Nicole Iannarone on Securities Arbitration

Andrew Jennings recently featured Nicole Iannarone and her work on the Business Scholarship Podcast.  You can access the episode here.  It focuses on a paper on securities arbitration and some of her recent work.  I'd like to direct your attention to the last five minutes or so.  It discusses being appointed as an arbitrator.  

If you're a business law professor, you're probably pretty well qualified to serve as arbitrator.  It might also give you insight into what happens in these kinds of disputes.  Because I'm involved with a securities arbitration bar association, I'm deemed to be a non-public arbitrator so I don't get selected often.

But if you're fair-minded and not in a major city, there is a real need for more competent arbitrators.  The paperwork and training doesn't take all that long, and it's pretty interesting if you get selected.

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