Sunday, March 19, 2023

Baylor Law is Recruiting Business Law Faculty!

The following opportunities come to us from Patricia Wilson at Baylor Law.  The first two positions are directly related to business law.  The last two are more litigation-oriented but may be of interest to business litigation folks.

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Baylor Law is currently recruiting to fill multiple faculty positions, as described below. The starting date for each position is no later than August 1, 2023.

If you know of someone who may be interested in these positions, please encourage them to visit the Baylor Law employment opportunities webpage. Interested individuals are also welcome to contact Associate Dean Patricia Wilson by email or phone for more information.

We are particularly interested in expressions of interest from individuals who would add to the diversity of our faculty.

Please note that three of the listings are for full-time positions. However, if you or someone you know is interested in teaching as an adjunct, we regularly have adjunct positions available and are currently seeking adjunct instructors to teach transactional drafting and persuasive writing/litigation drafting. We are flexible in scheduling adjunct-taught classes, including developing a schedule that allows an adjunct to teach most classes remotely on Zoom. 

Assistant Professor of Business/Transactional Law

Baylor Law seeks an instructor who will have responsibility for electives in the areas of transactional, commercial, or business areas based upon Baylor Law's curricular needs and the applicant's experience. Such courses could include real estate finance, construction, oil and gas/alternative energy, debt financing, business succession planning, individual or entity income taxation, nonprofit organizations, digital/cybersecurity, elder law/special needs, retirement, international business transactions, international trade, consumer protection, bankruptcy, creditors remedies, negotiable instruments/payment systems, franchising, sports law, healthcare.

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Full-time Lecturer
Transactional Drafting; Non-tenure-track

Baylor Law seeks a lecturer who will have responsibility for teaching in the Legal Analysis, Research & Communications (LARC) program. Responsibilities include working collaboratively with other faculty members of the Baylor Law Writing Program to create, teach and grade assignments for the LARC 4 course (Transactional Drafting) and coordinating all of the writing efforts across all three years of the curriculum to ensure consistency and best management of resources. The ideal candidate will have at least three years of transactional legal writing experience, including drafting and analyzing a variety of different contracts and business entity governing documents.

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Full-time Lecturer
Persuasive Writing; Litigation Drafting; Non-tenure-track

Baylor Law seeks a lecturer with substantial experience in persuasive writing and litigation drafting, including drafting appellate briefs and a variety of different pleadings, trial motions, and similar work product. The selected individual will have responsibility for teaching in the Legal Analysis, Research & Communications (LARC) program, specifically LARC 3 (persuasive writing) and LARC 5 (litigation drafting). He or she will teach several sections of both courses each year and will be one of several LARC 3 instructors. With respect to the LARC 5 course, the candidate will be expected to collaborate and coordinate project planning with instructors for the LARC 4 course (transactional drafting). Thus, the ideal candidate will also have experience in analyzing and drafting a variety of contracts. The candidate will share additional responsibilities as well, such as periodically serving as a judge in the Practice Court program and collaborating with other legal writing faculty members to create problems for writing competitions.

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Part-time Temporary Adjunct

Baylor Law seeks a temporary adjunct to teach a section of the LARC 3 course, a course on persuasive writing, and LARC 5 course, a course that focuses on litigation drafting. The candidate should have experience in  drafting appellate briefs or producing similar work product, or litigation drafting, including drafting a variety of different pleadings, trial motions, and similar work product.

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Prospective applicants can direct questions to Associate Dean Patricia Wilson at 254.710.6591 or 254.722.2564, or [email protected].

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