Tuesday, November 22, 2022

ICYMI: "VC Law" Podcasts

I highly recommend these podcasts from the ABA Business Law Section:

VC Law: Episode 8: Capital Raising Considerations for Emerging Companies with Jose Ancer, author of Silicon Hills Lawyer and partner at Optimal Counsel (here)

Host Gary J. Ross talks with Jose Ancer, partner (and CTO) at Optimal Counsel and the author of Silicon Hills Lawyer, an internationally-recognized legal blog on emerging companies and VC fundamentals. Gary and Jose discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different securities instruments for emerging companies, including convertible notes and pre-money and post-money SAFEs; friends & family vs. angel rounds; the Series Seed and NVCA documents; valuation caps; and the significance of relationship building in the VC world.

VC Law: Episode 9: Discussing down round financings with Troy Foster, partner at Perkins Coie (here)

Host Gary J. Ross discusses down round financings with Troy Foster, partner and firmwide co-chair of emerging companies and venture capital practice at Perkins Coie. Topics covered include common provisions in down round term sheets, such as pay-to-play and pull-up mechanisms; anti-dilution adjustment mechanisms; obtaining the consent of previous investors; Section 228 notices; and Business Judgment Rule vs. Entire Fairness Review.


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