Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Heading to Knoxville and Paying for Energy Peaks

As co-blogger Joan Heminway mentioned in Monday's post, I'm soon heading to Connecting the Threads VI.  I could not be more excited! I'm so grateful to the University of Tennessee Law School for hosting the Symposium, and especially Professors Joan Heminway and George Kuney, in addition to all of the hard-working, excellent law student editorial staff of Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law, who help with the Symposium and later edit and publish our symposium-related articles.  Paying for Energy Peaks: Learning from Texas' February 2021 Power Crisis, coauthored with Professor James Coleman, is my latest article in Transactions and my first in the energy space!  Here's its first paragraph (with footnotes removed):

"From February 14–19, 2021, winter storm Uri blanketed Texas with extreme cold. Tragically, the severe temperatures overwhelmed the state’s power system. Texas’ power grid ended up more than 20 Gigawatts short of the electricity Texans needed – more power than all of California produces on an average day. Over two-hundred lives were lost and an estimated $295 billion in damage resulted. Yet many had long regarded Texas’ electric power system, and its regulation, as a model for others. What happened? That question is the focus of this article."

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