Wednesday, May 4, 2022

American Business Law Journal Call for Submissions

Dear BLPB Readers:

"The American Business Law Journal invites article submissions on a year-round basis. We encourage submissions outside of the traditional July/August and February submission cycles.

The ABLJ is ranked in the top 6% by Impact Factor of all publications listed in the 2016 Washington & Lee Submissions and Rankings.

The ABLJ is a highly selective faculty-edited, internationally peer-reviewed journal that welcomes manuscripts that comprehensively explore and analyze legal and ethical issues that affect businesses, not only within the United States but also across the globe. We seek to publish only top-quality law review articles that make a significant scholarly contribution to the field of business law.

Manuscripts that enter our review process are sent to at least two faculty reviewers who are experts in the subject matter of the manuscript. The review is triple-blind. The reviewers are not told the identity of the author, the assigned Articles Editor is not told the identity of the author until a review decision has been reached, and the author is not told the identity of the reviewers. This is a time-intensive but worthwhile process. Reviewers read the manuscript, review the relevant literature, and provide commentary and critique to our Articles Editors for a publication recommendation decision. Articles Editors then communicate that useful feedback to the author. We strive to inform authors of a publication decision within four weeks.

Manuscripts may be submitted to the ABLJ through Scholastica or directly by emailing"

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