Wednesday, March 23, 2022

ABLJ Articles Editor Needed

Dear BLPB Readers:

"The American Business Law Journal invites ALSB members who are interested in serving on the Editorial Board of the American Business Law Journal to apply for the position of Articles Editor. The incoming Articles Editor will begin to serve on the Board in August 2022. Board members commit to serve for four years: three years as Articles Editor and one year as Senior Articles Editor. After that, the option is to continue to serve two more years—one as Managing Editor and another as Editor-in-Chief. The ABLJ is widely regarded, nationally and internationally, as a premier peer-reviewed journal and the position provides the opportunity to serve the Academy of Legal Studies in Business and broader academic discipline at the highest levels of service. 

Articles Editors supervise the review of articles that have been submitted to the ABLJ to determine which manuscripts to recommend for publication. In the case of manuscripts that are accepted, the Articles Editor is responsible for working with the author to oversee changes in both style and substance. In the case of manuscripts that are believed to be publishable but in need of further work, the Articles Editor outlines specific revisions and further lines of research that should be pursued. The Articles Editor’s recommendations for works-in-process are perhaps the most important and creative aspect of the job because they provide the guidance necessary for works to blossom into publishable manuscripts.  

An applicant for the position of Articles Editor should have an established track record of publications and should have published at least one article with the ABLJ. Experience serving as a Reviewer for the ABLJ or as a Staff Editor is helpful. Please send a resume and letter of interest to Susan Park, ABLJ Managing Editor, at [email protected] by May 31, 2022, for full consideration."

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