Monday, January 31, 2022

Honoring Peter J. Henning

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I have been remiss in writing to honor the life and legacy of one of our colleagues (and one of my friends), Peter J. Henning.  Peter, a Professor at Wayne State University Law School until his untimely passing, died earlier this month after wrestling with a long-term, debilitating illness.  Our mutual friend, Stetson Law Professor Ellen Podgor, published a post in his memory back on the 18th on the White Collar Crime Prof Blog.  In the post, she reflected on their long-term friendship and initial co-editorship on the White Collar Crime Prof Blog.  She began by saying: "Peter Henning was an incredible writer, scholar, and teacher. Most of all to me - he was a good friend."  I could have started this post the same way . . . .  Ellen also linked to the announcement posted by Wayne State Law.

Peter was one among a number of colleagues whom I believe understood me and my work well.  He valued my practice experience and encouraged my use of it in research and writing.  While our work intersected most in the insider trading realm, he motivated and supported my scholarship and teaching more broadly.  He enjoyed our discussion groups at the Association of American Law Schools and Southeastern Association of Law Schools conferences (although my recollection is that he had to skip out on a bunch of the latter because of conflicting wedding anniversary celebrations . . .).

I was invited to speak at Wayne State Law (and write for the Wayne Law Review) twice at his suggestion.  Each time, he was the consummate host.   I remember hm taking me to a local eatery on one of those trips--a burger and beer place, as I recall.  I was too late for the normal lunch hour, but he wanted to make sure I had a bite to eat.  He was concerned that it was not upscale enough for me.  I assured him that it was just my style (which it was!).

His pieces for The New York Times were spot on.  You can find his columns for the paper's White Collar Watch here.  His work will continue to bless and inform us all for many years to come. 

I miss Peter for all this and more.  He was a great colleague and leader.  I know he is now free of his earthly burdens, which does give me some solace.  May he rest in eternal peace.

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What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man--thanks, Joan! I learned so much from Peter during our many interactions at SEALS and AALS ( and through many email exchanges). His insight and clever humor will be missed. Some of my fondest memories with Peter involved talks about baseball--Peter was a Dodger fan, and I am a Giants fan. We enjoyed ribbing each other! The White Collar and Securities Law world lost a brilliant mind--and we have lost a dear friend.

Posted by: John P. Anderson | Feb 4, 2022 11:53:45 AM

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