Wednesday, August 18, 2021

New Book: Seven Essentials for Business Success: Lessons From Legendary Professors

In previous blogs (here and here), I've highlighted the wonderful negotiation materials that George Siedel, Professor Emeritus of Business Law at the University of Michigan, has created and generously made available free of charge (here).  I'll be using his House on Elm Street negotiation once again this fall in my MBA course! 

Today, I wanted to call BLPB readers' attention to his new book: Seven Essentials for Business Success: Lessons from Legendary Professors.  I'm really excited to read it, especially because my dissertation advisor, G. Richard Shell, the Thomas Gerrity Professor, Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics and Management at Wharton, is one of the seven award-winning professors profiled!  Without doubt, Richard is a truly legendary professor from whom I've already learned so much.  I look forward to learning more from him and from the additional six professors highlighted in the book.  Once I finish reading it, I'll be sure to share some of my favorite takeaways.   

Here's Amazon's description:

Successful leaders are great teachers, and successful teachers serve as models of leadership. This book enables both leaders and teachers to understand and use the best practices developed by award-winning professors, each of whom teaches one of the seven areas that are essential for business success.

These professors candidly discuss their successes and failures in the classroom, the mentors who inspired them, how they developed their teaching methods, and their rigorous preparation for class. Through descriptions of the professors in action, readers will gain an insider’s perspective on their teaching skills, and witness how they teach the seven essentials for success in a variety of settings—MBA, Executive MBA, and executive education courses. The chapters also describe the daily lives (professional and personal) of the professors, and the impact they have beyond the classroom in improving organizations and society.

If you are a leader or teacher—or if you are interested in the content of a business school education—this book provides an insider’s perspective on the best practices used by legendary professors when teaching the seven essentials that represent the core body of knowledge for business success.

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