Friday, July 9, 2021

4th Edition of White Collar Crime: Cases, Materials, and Problems Now Available

I noted in a January post that Professor Mihailis E. Diamantis and I are joining Professors J. Kelly Strader, and Sandra D. Jordan as co-authors of the 4th edition of White Collar Crime: Cases, Materials, and Problems. I am pleased to announce that the text is now available for fall 2021 adoption, and instructors can request an electronic copy for immediate review here. Here is a description of the new edition:

White Collar Crime: Cases, Materials, and Problems is a unique, problems-focused approach to teaching and learning about federal white collar crime. The authors draw from their practice experience in prosecuting and defending white collar crime cases to present both foundational and current issues of law, policy, and theory as they arise in statutes and cases. The text includes:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the substantive law of various white collar crimes (topics include conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, computer crimes, bribery, extortion, perjury, false statements, obstruction of justice, tax fraud, currency transaction reporting crimes, money laundering, and RICO);
  • Chapters dedicated to the practical and procedural issues that typically arise in, and often are unique to, white collar cases (topics include internal investigations, compliance programs, civil actions and fines, parallel proceedings, grand juries, Fifth Amendment, sentencing, and forfeitures); and
  • Practice problems throughout to enhance both effective teaching and student comprehension through engagement.

For the fourth edition, the authors have continued their emphasis on the most recent, cutting-edge issues in white collar crime and litigation. They have added a number of recent United States Supreme Court and Circuit court decisions. The text expands its focus on policy and practical aspects of white collar practice, including the addition of many new practice problems and exercises.

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