Saturday, November 7, 2020

"Job creation is part of [Social Enterprises’] impact approach"

Perhaps of interest (full statement here):

Press Release: According To a New Siemens Stiftung Study, Social Enterprises Are Expected To Create Much Needed Jobs in Africa

The comprehensive analysis in 12 selected African countries estimates that, by 2030, 1 million new jobs can be created by local social enterprises (SEs). In addition, recommendations are outlined on how to support SEs in leveraging their job creation potential. The study, Social Enterprises as Job Creators in Africa – The Potential of Social Enterprise to Provide Employment Opportunities in 12 African Countries 2020-2030 is available as trilogy – Part I: Main Report; Part II: Country Profiles; Part III: Case Studies....

Overall, SEs focus on social effects through their products and services but also through the jobs and income opportunities they provide to marginalized groups.

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