Saturday, August 29, 2020

Business Law Profs' Statement on Race/Racism in Business Law

Cathy Hwang, Carliss Chatman, and I put together this statement recognizing that race and racism are important to the study of business law. The statement focuses on business law, but all law faculty are welcome to sign. If you agree, you can sign on here: Signatures will be published here on the Business Law Prof Blog on Tuesday, September 1, and periodically updated with additional signatures thereafter.

We are law professors, and many of us write and teach about business law.


We think race and racism are important to the study of business law, just as they are important to the study of any area of law. From slavery and redlining to lack of opportunity in the workplace and limited access to capital, race and racism have always been part of business and business law.


To our colleagues and our students: we welcome the opportunity to engage in these discussions and commit to thinking hard about how to incorporate them into our research and our teaching.

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Posted by: Adv.Gulzaib Tareen | Aug 29, 2020 10:19:42 AM

Business law is not neutral and law professors should responsibly teach how certain values and perspectives become “hard wired” into business law. Look forward to seeing new scholarship addressing structural racial advantages in business law from these professors.

Sylvia Lazos
Justice Myron Leavitt Professor
William S Boyd School of Law
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Posted by: Sylvia Lazos | Aug 29, 2020 1:16:16 PM

This is such an important initiative. Thanks for putting this together.

Posted by: Marcia Narine Weldon | Aug 30, 2020 7:19:46 AM


Posted by: Cristie Ford | Aug 30, 2020 12:56:16 PM

I'm very grateful that you have issued this statement. I'm just seeing it and have signed - I couldn't agree with you more. Also, I've just coauthored a book, Predatory Lending and The Destruction of the African American Dream, that describes racist exploitation of African Americans by financial institutions. The book launch is Thursday, September 17 from 5:30-6:30. Please join us. You can find the registration link on the St. John's website or email me at

Posted by: cheryl wade | Sep 14, 2020 7:11:07 AM

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