Friday, June 5, 2020

Is Corporate Silence on the Riots Deafening?

Corporations have appropriately been condemning racism recently, but where's the condemnation of the riots?  Does the following excerpt from "Understanding Antifa" provide some answers?

California Governor Gavin Newsom was a pitch perfect Rousseauist when he recently said that the violent riots were not caused by individuals; instead he insisted, “Our institutions are responsible.” Many progressives are ambivalent about criticizing the violence of Antifa because they retain this sympathetic worldview. While all on the left are not active in violent revolution, many liberal mayors and governors struggle to condemn it outright….

Some additional excerpts that may be of interest:

The anarchism of Antifa embodies the revolutionary outlook, common in the West since the 18th century, that … assumes any violent spark that creates a popular uprising will usher in a utopian world of equality and justice….


Antifa does not offer a platform of positive change. In the fashion of Robespierre, they seek to overthrow “the privileged” and they assume that this violence and destruction will inflame an uprising that will usher in a pure democracy of equality….


In the view of Antifa, traditionally powerful groups, such as white men and capitalists, conspire to suppress the natural nobility of underrepresented citizens….


The current politics of Western democracies are so roiled and divisive because strident elements on the left have adopted this revolutionary outlook and traditionalist and populist parties of the right, some genuinely suspect and some very healthy, have sprung up to resist it.

UPDATE (6/6/20): The conversation continues here.

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Hi, Stefan. It's interesting you're posting about corporate commentary because that's what I have planned for tomorrow! But I wonder if these links might be helpful:

Posted by: Ann Lipton | Jun 5, 2020 10:03:28 AM

Thanks for the links, Ann. I look forward to your post.

Posted by: Stefan Padfield | Jun 5, 2020 11:09:30 AM

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