Sunday, August 4, 2019

Call for Article Reviewers: American Business Law Journal

In the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about my article, “Incomplete Clearinghouse Mandates,” forthcoming in the American Business Law Journal (ABLJ).  The ABLJ is a triple-blind peer review journal published quarterly “on behalf of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB).”   Its articles explore a range of business and corporate law topics, and it is a great resource for academics, industry professionals, and others.  Its “mission is to publish only top quality law review articles that make a scholarly contribution to all areas of law that impact business theory and practice…[and it] search[es] for those articles that articulate a novel research question and make a meaningful contribution directly relevant to scholars and practitioners of business law.”

One aspect of publishing with the ABLJ that I found invaluable was the reviewers’ feedback.  Their comments were tremendously helpful, and addressing issues in my article that they highlighted substantially increased the quality of the finished product.  I want to send a big THANK YOU to those reviewers!

I’m also an ad hoc reviewer for the ABLJ.  This too has been a very worthwhile experience.  Just as interviewing others can improve your interviewing abilities, reviewing the articles of others can improve your writing.  Most importantly, however, reviewing the work of other faculty also writing in the business and corporate law areas helps promote a vibrant, scholarship community.  Interested in helping to advance the business and corporate law research community?  Contact the ABLJ’s Managing Editor, Gideon Mark, who recently shared the following with me: 

In order to ensure that the American Business Law Journal can continue to provide high-quality feedback on submitted manuscripts through its triple-blind peer review process, the Journal seeks to expand its pool of reviewers.  If you are interested in reviewing for the ABLJ, simply e-mail the Managing Editor:  Gideon Mark,  Please include your contact information (preferred e-mail address and phone number) and identify the subject areas in which you wish to review (e.g., securities, IP, antitrust, compliance, etc.).    

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