Friday, May 17, 2019

Call for Panelist (Self-Nominations)- Pedagogy Session-AALS Section on Transactional Law and Skills- Markets and Regulation: The Shifting Context of Transactional Practice

The AALS Section on Transactional Laws and Skills is pleased to announce its program, “Markets and Regulation: The Shifting Context of Transactional Practice,” to be held (per the draft program) from 8:30-10:30 on Sat. Jan. 4 at the AALS 2020 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. on “Pillars of Democracy: Law, Representation, and Knowledge.” This session will explore the changing regulatory context of transactional legal practice, which is rapidly evolving in response to new innovations and challenges across a range of markets. Emerging issues range from privacy law and cybersecurity, to national security concerns, antitrust, and international trade and investment, to the prospect of new regulatory responses to climate change and other environmental threats. The forms these regulatory responses take are also diverse, including not only traditional public regulation, but also private governance, which draws upon the efforts of NGOs, trade associations, and international organizations.

Pedagogy Panel: In addition to paper presentations from our Call for Papers (circulated separately), the program will feature a panel of 3-4 speakers who will focus on how to incorporate regulatory concepts and issues across the transactional curriculum, including in clinics and other experiential courses, as well as in doctrinal courses. Our Section is proud to announce that this program will be co-sponsored by the Section on Business Associations and the Section on Securities Regulation.

Panelist (Self-) Nomination Information: We invite any full-time faculty member of an AALS member school, whether or not they are a member of the Section, who would like to participate on the pedagogy panel to email (i) a brief statement of interest of no more than 300 words indicating their approach; and (ii) their CV to Virginia Harper Ho, Chair of the Section, at on or before May 18, 2019. Invited panelists will be notified by no later than June 10, 2019. All presenters will be responsible for paying their registration fee, hotel, and travel expenses. Any inquiries about this Call for Nominations should be submitted to the Section Chair Virginia Harper Ho, University of Kansas School of Law, at or (785) 864-9217.

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