Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ipse Dixit -- A Podcast on Legal Scholarship

I want to follow in Haskell's wake and also plug Ipse Dixit, a podcast on legal scholarship.  It recently featured the BLPB's own Joshua Fershee.  It's perfect for hearing authors that you've only read in the past.  Hearing them set out their ideas in their own voices is wonderful.  It's also available on iTunes and a number of other streaming platforms.  It's now up to about 212 episodes, and covers a broad range of ideas and scholars.  There should be something for everyone.

The podcast continues to evolve and expand.  It's begun adding additional co-hosts to the podcast to help produce new episodes.  I'm one of them and suspect I'll have a hard time keeping up with another new co-host, Luce Nguyen, a student at Oberlin College.  Luce interviewed Joshua for that episode and has already taken the lead in terms of co-host production.  Luce is the co-founder of the Oberlin Policy Research Institute, an undergraduate public policy organization based at Oberlin College.  You can also follow both Joshua and Luce on Twitter:

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