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The Traveling Business Law Prof: Part III - Using What You Pack

This post follows on my earlier travel posts on prepacking and packing for conference travel.  For last week's post, I used my trip to Mexico City for the Law and Society Association conference as an example.  This week, I assess my packing skills by chronicling briefly what I used and commenting on that assessment.  Bottom line: I did OK but could have left a few items of clothing and my flip flops at home.

For my plane travel to Mexico City a week ago last Sunday, I wore the reversible dance leggings (pattern side facing out), one of the tank tops, the embellished sweatshirt, and the suit jacket wth my sneakers.


Once I got to the hotel, I determined to take a walk through Chapultepec Park (Mexico's rough equivalent of New York's Central Park).  For the walk (and the rest of the day), I swapped out the sweatshirt and jacket for one of the button-downs I had brought--a medium green insect-repelling shirt I originally had bought to use when I taught in a study abroad program in Brazil.

For Monday, another sightseeing day (but one that I planned to end with an Ashtanga yoga class), I dressed for the day at the outset: reversible yoga shorts (pattern side facing out), light blue tank top, same green button down, and sneakers.


I noticed during the day that folks in Mexico City do not wear yoga shorts around.  So, I would revisit my decision to wear them all day on that basis.

Tuesday through Friday were conference days (although I did attend an Iyengar yoga class Wednesday night), with presentations by me on Wednesday and Thursday.  Here were my picks.

BLPBOutfits3 BLPBOutfits4

I dressed in the cropped suit trousers, pink tank top, and embellished sweatshirt with flats on Tuesday; and donned the suit skirt and jacket with pink button-down and pumps for Wednesday.  For Wednesday night's yoga class, I threw on Tuesday's pink tank top and the reversible leggings (pattern side facing out), and wore my flip flops.

BLPBOutfits5 BLPBOutfits6

I wore the suit skirt, pink tank top, coral button-down, silk scarf (which I forgot to include in my packing list for last week and will go back and add), and pumps for Thursday; and the cropped suit trousers, dark orange tank top, green button-down, printed bandana scarf (also unintentionally omitted from last week's packing list but to be added in), and flats for Friday.

Saturday was a sightseeing day, on which I put on the light orange tank top, the green button-down, the cropped suit trousers, and the sneakers.


Sunday was a travel day back to Nashville.  I wore the reversible leggings (plain side facing out), my Law and Society conference t-shirt (bought at the conference), the embellished sweatshirt, and the suit jacket, with the sneakers.


Finally, for my Barbri teaching day in Nashville this morning and the ride home from there to Knoxville (and for my yoga class tonight), I wore my suit skirt and jacket, the final clean tank top (black), and my yoga shorts (plain side facing out), under the skirt.  


When I got home, I took off the skirt and jacket and, after a short nap, went off to yoga class.

My most valuable pieces of clothing for the trip were my suit separates--the cropped trousers, skirt, and jacket--and the green button-down (which has ventilation and zippered breast pockets that I found useful).  I could've gotten by without the flip flops (which I only wore once) and without one pair of shoes (although I liked having the pumps for my presentation days and the flats for the non-presentation conference days).  

All the snacks got eaten along the way.  I replaced them (and more) in terms of volume with the gifts I bought for the secretarial assistants on my floor, a few friends, and some family members. but everything still fit in my two--now heavier--carry-on bags.  I did lots of rolling of things for the trip home--including to protect pottery that I bought for folks.  Packing around the yoga mat was a challenge, but it worked out fine with a little bit of engineering.


I had no issues leaving Mexico or entering the United States (and I do love my Global Entry for expediting returns to the United States . . .).

All in all, I did pretty well in packing useful things and not too many of them.  I was able to wear a clean shirt and underwear every day without having to do any laundry.  And apart from realizing that yoga shorts may not be culturally street-appropriate in Mexico City, the clothes that I brought were appropriate for the activities in which I was engaged and the settings in which those activities were taking place.  I was able to alternate necklaces and scarves around my neck as accents.  (I typically wore a necklace on the days I was not wearing a scarf.)

I do hope that this series is of some help you all--especially to those of you who have more difficulty determining how to pack for travel.  I may add more travel posts at a later date.  But I will leave it at this, for now.  Again, please post additional suggestions, as well as reactions, in the comments.  I am enjoying learning new tricks-of-the-traveling-trade from you.

[Note: You can click on the pictures in this post to open them up in larger format if you want to see any of the outfits in more detail.]

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