Thursday, June 9, 2016

Your Daily Funny Courtesy of the FEC

Keep reading only if you have 3 minutes that you don't care about being productive or relating to business law, at least not directly.

The Federal Election Committee issued a proposed draft of an advisory opinion on a question brought by Huckabee for President,  Inc.--the committee responsible for the 2016 presidential campaign of  former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  The Committee wanted to know if it can use part of a legal defense fund to pay a settlement. The FEC says yes.  This isn't an election law blog, so I won't go into the details.  The litigation arose over the campaign's use of the song "Eye of the Tiger".  The FEC,  feeling quite cheeky writes the following: 

The complaint, seeking injunctive relief and monetary damages, alleged that 21 the Committee had violated federal copyright law by playing the song “Eye of the Tiger” at a campaign event on September 8, 2015. The Committee, rising up to the challenge of its rival, incurred attorneys’ fees and other expenses in defending itself in that litigation. After briefly relishing the thrill of the fight, the parties settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.

Has the political circus of the 2016 election warped the sense of decorum at the FEC or should we all want to be friends with the lawyers there?  I can't decide.  But I do know that you should (a) click on the link to the song, and (b) jam away in your office for the next 4 minutes.  

You are welcome.

-Anne Tucker

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Totally funny. Thanks for sharing. I am in the "friends" camp, btw.

And don't think that means that I have traded my passion for glory . . . or lost my grip on the dreams of the past. I know that I must fight just to keep them alive! :>)

Posted by: joanheminway | Jun 9, 2016 2:33:09 PM

My high school team was the Tigers (and the "Red Raiders"...but Tigers made for a better mascot) so I think this song was played at virtually every pep rally and game (along with GNR's "Welcome to the Jungle"). Thanks for the flashback. And for the record, I vote for "friends" as well.

Posted by: Haskell Murray | Jun 10, 2016 8:08:36 AM

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