Sunday, March 23, 2014

New York Times Hobby Lobby Editorial: "Crying Wolf on Religious Liberties"

The New York Times editorial board weighing in on, and against, corporate religious exemptions.

"The Supreme Court has consistently resisted claims for religious exemptions from laws that are neutral and apply broadly when the exemptions would significantly harm other people, as this one would. To approve it would flout the First Amendment, which forbids government from favoring one religion over another — or over nonbelievers."

And they cite the corporate law professors' brief, writing:

"as an amicus brief filed by corporate law scholars persuasively argues, granting the religious exemption to the owners would mean allowing shareholders to pass their religious values to the corporation. The fundamental principle of corporate law is a corporation’s existence as a legal entity with rights and obligations separate from those of its shareholders."

Congratulations to the main brief writing team for a document that has generated a lot of debate and raised the profile of the corporate law issues in this case.

-Anne Tucker

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