Monday, October 17, 2016

Autumn 2016 Issues in Aviation Law and Policy

The first installment of Volume 16 of the International Aviation Law Institute's journal, Issues in Aviation Law & Policy, will arrive next month. The following articles will appear in the Autumn 2016 issue:

  • Rene David-Cooper, Defining Common Law Property Rights - The Ownership Conundrum of Landing Slots Resolved
  • Jae Woon Lee & Andrew Harrington, The Montreal Protocol 2014 and Unruly Passenger Cases On Board Aircraft: Is there Really a Jurisdictional Gap?
  • Sarah Jane Fox, BREXIT: A Bolt from the Blue! - Red Sky in the Morning
  • Eliot T. Tracz, Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? An Economic Approach to the Common Heritage Problem in Outer Space
  • Delphine Defossez, International Conventions on Aviation and the Brazilian Constitution: The Case of the CDC
  • Moses George, Environmental Impact of Airport Competition - A Case Study of Indian Airports

The new issue will also include a transcript of the Institute's most recent installment in the Conversations with Aviation Leaders Oral History Project, in which Professor Brian F. Havel served as interlocutor interviewing Paul Mifsud.

Issues of the journal are available for subscription or purchase via the IALI web page.

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