Thursday, June 11, 2015

Follow Up on Recent News Events

There were multiple developments today in news stories about which we have recently blogged, so we have decided to include a brief list of links to keep readers up-to-date on these items:

  • Portugal has chosen the investor group led by Azul's David Neeleman as the winning bidder for TAP. The group will be acquiring a controlling stake of 61 percent, so there are undoubtedly some European partners within the investment group to avoid running afoul of foreign ownership limits.
  • Ryanair says it will appeal the latest order by the UK Competition and Markets Authority to sell its stake in Aer Lingus, and suggested that it will likely wait to make a decision on selling to IAG until after the EU competition authorities have probed the deal.
  • Aviation officials in the EU and U.S. are struggling to determine how to better avoid a tragedy similar to the recent Germanwings 9525 crash. The EU appears to be giving stronger consideration to mental screening requirements, though it is possible the rules would be directed at flight schools and not airlines. U.S. officials sound more skeptical of additional mandated medical screenings, and are instead searching for ways to better facilitate self-reporting by pilots.

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