Thursday, December 11, 2014

IALI Symposium on 70th Anniversary of Chicago Convention

This past Monday, the International Aviation Law Institute conducted a Symposium in conjunction with the special ceremonies held by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, or the Chicago Convention. All of the events took place at the Hilton Chicago, formerly the Stevens Hotel and the location of the 1944 conference where the Chicago Convention was negotiated and signed.

The IALI Symposium was co-moderated by Professor Brian F. Havel and Jalal Haidar, and featured contributions from IALI board members Jeffrey Shane and John Byerly. The Symposium was preceded by a white paper "International Aviation's Living Constitution: The Chicago Convention and ICAO - Past, Present, and Future" which will be published in an upcoming edition of Issues in Aviation Law and Policy. The paper's central thesis is that the Chicago Convention is ICAO's constitution, and as a result has had to operate as a flexible, "living" document to permit the organization to evolve as needed over the past seventy years. Much of the Symposium discussion was devoted to the original decision not to include economic regulation in ICAO's initial responsibilities and whether ICAO should expand its efforts in that area. The discussion also covered ICAO's responsibility for aircraft emissions and the various legislative mechanisms at the organization's disposal. There were insightful remarks from current Council members, industry representatives, and academics.

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