Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Links

A quick roundup of notable aviation-related developments from around the globe:

  • EU adds Nepalese airlines to safety blacklist.
  • Russian authorities suspect that pilots in a recent crash may have been flying under fake licenses.
  • The LaGuardia landing slots American Airlines agreed to give up as part of its merger approval agreement with the Department of Justice will be purchased by Southwest Airlines and Virgin America.
  • Southwest is also ending service to three cities.
  • China's declaration of an air defense identification zone over the East China Sea probably warrants its own blog post sometime next week. My initial take is that its implications for civil aviation operations are minor, but this is an interesting demonstration of how air space as a territorial concept, subject to possession and control, remains both important and distinct from how the concept applies to land and sea areas.
  • Ongoing U.S. budget negotiations may result in doubling of airline security fees.

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