Thursday, September 5, 2013

EU Likely to Limit ETS Scope

The reports coming out of yesterday's ICAO Council meeting have been far from conclusive about what to expect with regard to an emissions resolution at the upcoming Assembly session. The most significant development is that the EU has indicated it will amend regulation 101/2008 to only apply to emissions generated in the airspace of EU Member States. This concession is reportedly conditional on the Assembly committing to having a global emissions plan in place by the 2016 Assembly, but it is probably safe to assume that the change will happen. The Assembly will produce some kind of resolution, though the details appear to remain very much up in the air at this late date. The best indications are that there will be some kind of pledge to adopt a plan at the 2016 Assembly meeting that would go into effect in 2020, but the details of that plan will be left open for future discussion. The EU wants the Assembly to commit to a plan that includes marked based measures, while some in the industry are still holding out hope that ICAO representatives refrain from endorsing anything stronger than a scheme involving carbon offsets.

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