Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Non-merger Links

It's been a busy news week, so I thought it best to break up the end-of-week aviation link omnibus into two posts. Here's a collection of aviation pieces that may have been missed amidst the merger madness. We'll have a collection of reactions to the DOJ decision posted later this afternoon.

  • Matt Yglesias takes on cabotage restrictions. For a longer analysis, we recommend Robert Hardaway's Of Cabbages and Cabotage.
  • Justin Fox questions the success of U.S. airline deregulation.
  • Is high speed rail hurting Chinese airlines? A good companion piece to last week's story on Chinese flight delays.
  • Ryanair has dismissed the pilot who publicly criticized the carrier's safety practices.
  • More Dreamliner technical glitches.
  • Investigation ongoing into cause of UPS cargo plane crash that killed both pilots earlier this week.

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