Friday, November 9, 2012

Autumn Issue of IALP

The Volume 12, Autumn 2012 issue of the International Aviation Law Institutes's journal, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (IALP), will be available early next month. The following articles will appear in the issue:

  • Ruwantissa Abeyratne, Aircraft Emissions - In Search of a Global Framework for Market-Based Measures
  • Mitchell Garber, Douglas Amster & Douglas McQueen, Undisclosed Medical Conditions in the International Aviation Community: The Risks of Medical Certification Systems Based Upon Voluntary Self-Disclosure
  • David E. Rapoport, Jan Brown & Lindsey A. Epstein, Babies Have a Right to a Safe Seat with Proper Restraints - The Infant Seat Exception Should be Abandoned
  • Pamela C. Hicks, Injuries from Turbulence: Forecasting Conditions for Liability
  • Ana Dedijer, Extending the Aviation Regime of the European Union: The EU External Aviation Policy Toward Its Neighbors
  • Moses George, Private Airports in India - Private or Public?

Blog readers interested in subscribing to IALP, ordering back issues, or perusing a list of published articles may do so at the Institutes's website here.

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