Monday, April 18, 2011

New Report Blasts the Philippines

A new report by the risk consultancy group Pacific Strategies and Assessments states that the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is "ill-prepared [to] enforce international civil aviation standards."  See Gov't Seen Still Unable to Enforce International Aviation Standards, BusinessWorld Online, Apr. 18, 2011 (available here).  This is bad news for the country, which has been designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization as a "significant safety concern."  Moreover, both the United States and the European Union have taken steps to limit flights from Philippine air carriers under their respective safety enforcement regimes.

With the Philippines expected to fail the next round of international audits, it may be years before the country is able to upgrade its safety and technical oversight standards.  Despite its informal pledges to assist member States in meeting international standards, ICAO has few tools available to see this goal met.

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