Monday, October 25, 2010

New Issue of IALP

The Volume 10, Fall 2010 issue of the International Aviation Law Institutes's journal, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (IALP), will be available next month.  The following articles will appear in the issue:

  • Kenneth S. Nankin, The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Revenue Protection Weapon for Airlines
  • Gabriel S. Sanchez, The Impotence of the Chicago Convention's Dispute Settlement Provisions
  • Daniel Friedenzohn, Code-Sharing in the U.S. Airline Industry: Effective Disclosure Requirements for an Aspect of Air Transport That is Complex, Important, and Often Misunderstood
  • Iva Savic, Airline Mergers--Responding to Market Changes and Inducing New Market Structures
  • Paul Mifsud, Carlos Bonilla, & Vaughn Cordle, United + Continental is a Market Solution That Can Benefit All Stakeholders--Is American + US Airways Next?
  • Aaron B. Swerdlow, Modern Approaches to the Powers of the Aircraft Commander Under Article 6 of the Tokyo Convention
  • Matthew D. Kasper, The Air Transport Association's Challenge to the European Union's Extension of Its Emissions Trading Scheme to International Aviation: A Legal Analysis

Blog readers interested in subscribing to IALP, ordering back issues, or perusing a list of published articles may do so at the Institutes's website here.

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