Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bangkok Airways Limited

Blog readers interested in the Asia-Pacific aviation market may be interested to read Worata Kongseanitsara & I.M. Pandey's working paper, Bangkok Airways Limited (June 4, 2010) (available from SSRN here).  From the abstract:

Bangkok Airways Limited, started in 1967, is a leading private sector air transport company in Thailand. It is still fully controlled and led by the founder who follows a centralized decision making. The operations of the company are highly capital intensive. It is the only airline, perhaps in the world, which has its own airports. Now, the company has grown in size, has enlarged operations and faces competition. It has plans for significant capital investments in the future. The challenge before the owner-manager is to evolve a capital budgeting system and process which is based on an organization structure which facilitates the involvement of executives in decision making and is linked to the company’s strategy and performance and control system.


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