Monday, June 1, 2009

Recommended Reading

With most law schools adjourned for the summer, readers of the blog may want to take some time to catch-up on some of the better articles published in 2009 dealing with air transport regulation (and related topics).  While this list is by no means exhaustive and, in many respects, skewed toward the economic regulation of international aviation, it will hopefully prove helpful for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of the latest developments in the field.  

  • Monica Hargrove Kemp, Mechanisms for Addressing Capacity-Related Delays at U.S. Airports, Air & Space Law., 2009 No. 2, at 1;
  • Huang Jiefang, Aviation Safety, ICAO and Obligations Erga Omnes, 8 Chinese J. Int'l L. 63 (2009);
  • Michael Kolber, Rulemaking Without Rules: An Empirical Study of Direct Final Rulemaking, 72 Alb. L. Rev. 79 (2009);
  • Michael E. Levine, Airport Congestion: When Theory Meets Reality, 26 Yale J. on Reg. 37 (2009);
  • Peter Macara, Foreign Ownership of Airlines: The End of Flying the Flag?, Air & Space Law., 2009 No. 2, at 13;
  • Stefan Talmon, The Recognition of the Chinese Government and the Convention on International Civil Aviation, 8 Chinese J. Int'l L. 135 (2009);
  • Carlos Grau Tanner, New Proposals to Break the Foreign Ownership Deadlock in the Airline Industry, 34 Air & Space L. 127 (2009);
  • Adrian Vermeule, Our Schmittian Administrative Law, 122 Harv. L. Rev. 1095 (2009);
  • Christopher M. Weimer, Note, Foreign Direct Investment and National Security Post-FINSA 2007, 87 Tex. L. Rev. 663 (2009); 
  • David J. Weiner, Recent Developments in Aviation Law, 44 Tort Trial & Ins. Prac. L.J. 245 (2009); and
  • Christian Westra, Note, The April 2007 U.S.-EU "Open Skies" Agreement: A Dream of Liberalization Deferred, 32 B.C. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 161 (2009).

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