Friday, June 5, 2009

IALI at Beijing Aviation Conference

Faculty and associates of the International Aviation Law Institute (IALI) participated in the Key Issues in International Aviation Law Conference held in Beijing, China on May 27, 2009.  The conference, which was co-hosted and organized by DePaul University College of Law's Asian Legal Studies Institute and the BeiHang University School of Law, covered topics ranging from anti-monopoly issues to the militarization of outer space. 

IALI Co-Director, Prof. Michael Jacobs, gave a welcoming address at the Conference and spoke on the status and background of the expansive air cargo price-fixing conspiracy which has resulted in record fines being assessed by authorities in China, the United States, and the European Union to a number of major international carriers.  Jacobs, an internationally recognized expert on antitrust and competition law, has recently written on this subject for the Institute's journal.  See Some Lessons From the Freight-Forwarding Cartel, 8 Issues Aviation L. & Pol'y 67 (2008).

Also speaking at the Conference was IALI Advisory Board member Sandra Chiu who is the Principal at the Center for Aviation Policy & Economics and the former Director of International Affairs at United Airlines.  Chiu offered thoughts on the future of U.S./China aviation relations and the prospects of establishing an open skies agreement between two of the world's leading economic powers. 

In addition, the Conference featured a presentation on the regulation/deregulation of the Brazilian air transport sector by Prof. Respico A. Espirito Santo, Jr., President of the Brazilian Institute of Strategic Studies and Public Policies in Air Transport.  A number of Prof. Santo's studies in this area also can be found in the Institute's journal archives.  See Roberta de Roode Torres et al., The Air Cargo Market in Brazil, [2001-04 Transfer Binder] Issues Aviation L. & Pol'y ¶ 10,401, at 4331 (2004); Respicio A. Espirito Santo Jr. & Fabio Cardoso Correia, Airport Privatization in Brazil, [2001-04 Transfer Binder] Issues Aviation L. & Pol'y ¶ 20,351, at 10,411 (2004); Respicio A. Espirito Santo Jr. & Marcio Peixoto de Sequeira Santos, Building the Common Aviation Area of the Americas, [2001-04 Transfer Binder] Issues Aviation L. & Pol'y ¶ 25,301, at 13,261 (2004).

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Professor Michael Jacobs advanced the modern law of international commercial aviation. He published a number of articles in the Annals of Air and Space Law, and was influential in the development of Brazilian aviation policy

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