Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Issues in Aviation Law and Policy Volume 8, Number 2 Preview

The Spring issue of Volume 8 of Issues in Aviation Law and Policy (IALP) will be back from the printer and ready to send out to subscribers soon.  For those unfamiliar with the journal's history, IALP was formerly published by CCH/Wolters Kluwer since April 2001 in looseleaf format.  Beginning with Volume 8, the journal is being produced under the auspices of the International Aviation Law Institute in a more portable and readable perfect-bound format.  What has not changed is the core concept which animated the launch of IALP eight years ago: to present articles and commentaries by leading policymakers, officials, analysts, academics, and industry leaders who have the experience and expertise to brief readers on the challenges confronting global civil aviation today and in the future.  Articles from the forthcoming issue include:

  • Brian F. Havel, Commentary, In Praise of Law's Cosmos: Reflections on the Entreprenurial Spirit in Aviation Law and Policy
  • Pablo M. J. Mendes de Leon, A Tour d'Horizon of Contemporary Issues in Air and Space Law 
  • Martin Staniland, Air Transport and the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme: Issues and Arguments 
  • Vincent J. Power, Ryanair v. European Commission: The European Court of First Instance's Judgment on Alleged State Aid at Charleroi Airport 
  • Robbert van der Vliet, Europe's Take on Interlining - I: Multilateral Interlining and EU Competition Law 
  • David E. Rapoport & Michael L. Teich, The Pre-Abdullah Consensus that Federal Law Does Not Preempt the Field of Aviation Safety in Tort Cases Should Remain the Law 
  • Joseph Z. Fleming, The Application of U.S. Labor and Employment Laws to Airlines: Regulating the Global Labor and Employment Affairs of Airlines in a World That is Flat 
Those interested in subscribing to IALP are encouraged to contact Stephen Rudolph, the Institute's Executive Director, at 312-362-5769 or by e-mail.  A comprehensive two-volume archive of the first seven volumes of IALP is also available.  Further information on the journal, including a complete list of past articles, is available on the Institute's website here.


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