Wednesday, October 15, 2008

EU Seeks to Expand its Common Aviation Area

Another sign that we have entered the era of the European Union leading the charge of exporting airline liberalization came last week after the Council of the European Union authorized the European Commission to open negotiations with Lebanon to expand the EU's Common Aviation Area (CAA) with its neighbors.  As the Commission has stated, the objective of the CAA is to establish "a single pan-European air transport market, based on a common set of rules and encompassing 60 countries with approximately one billion inhabitants."  The Commission's ambitious goal for the CAA, when placed next to its network of global air transport agreements and negotiations with the U.S., Canada, Australia, India, and China, has positioned it, not the U.S., as the central force in shaping international aviation law and policy.

Further information concerning the Council's authorization, along with the Commission's official communications on its CAA goals, are available here.

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