Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Book: A Europe of the Air?

Blog readers may be interested in Rowman & Littlefield's recent release of A Europe of the Air?: The Airline Industry and European Integration by Prof. Martin Staniland.  A Europe of the Air? analyzes the development of the European Union's air transport policy while reflecting on the larger lessons it tells about EU market integration.  As Prof. Brian Havel of the International Aviation Law Institute has observed, "Staniland's ability to synthesize a vast array of primary and secondary materials into a coherent whole will be a boon to any serious scholar of international aviation.  But those interested in the larger political and economic challenges of integrating Europe's economies will also find in this work a fascinating case study of the competing and often contradictory national and supranational interests that influence the regulatory profile of a large, complicated, and highly politicized industry."


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