Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Alfred Kahn Oral History Webcast, Aviation Summit Synopsis and News Roundup

Alfred Kahn Oral History Webcast

The International Aviation Law Institute at DePaul University would like to invite our blog readers to view a webcast of Dr. Alfred Kahn's recollections of the events, law and policy surrounding the emergence of U.S. airline deregulation in the late 1970's.  Dr. Kahn is considered to be the "father" of airline deregulation and presided over the beginning of its implementation as Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board from 1977-1978.  The interview was conducted by Prof. Brian Havel, Director of the International Aviation Law Institute and Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Principal of The Brattle Group.

Aviation Summit Synopsis

The Institute would also like to make available to blog readers the synopsis of our recent Aviation Leadership Summit, "Sustainable Aviation Policies for America and the World." Download aviation_summit_2006_synopsis_0219.pdf  Pictures from the pre-Summit reception can be viewed by clicking here.  We intend to build upon the success of the October 2006 Summit and we anticipate hosting the next Summit in Spring 2008 in Chicago.

News Roundup

According to the Guardian, Ireland is considering pressing ahead with negotiations for a revised bilateral agreement with the U.S. if the U.S.-EU agreement talks next week do not yield a breakthrough.  Silverjet, a UK-based low-fare all business class airline, also expressed its desire for a US-EU agreement that would allow the carrier the option of flying out of Gatwick or Heathrow.  The carrier currently flies from London-Luton to Newark.

In the wake of the JetBlue operational meltdown following last week’s snowstorm in the Northeast, members of Congress have announced plans to introduce an airline passenger bill of rights.  This effort is being led by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California) in the Senate (Download BoxerPaxRightsBill.pdf) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-California) in the House.  In a repeat of airline efforts in 1999 to forestall a passenger bill of rights through voluntary commitments, JetBlue today announced its own "Customer Bill of Rights."

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Friday, February 2, 2007

FAA Will Propose To Raise Pilot Retirement Age to 65 and European Commission "Airport Package"

This past week the FAA announced that it will issue a NPRM later this year to raise the mandatory retirement age for U.S. commercial pilots from 60 to 65.  This would bring the U.S. in line with ICAO standards which allow one pilot of a commercial aircraft to be as old as 65 as long as the other pilot is under age 60.  The FAA has been examining this idea closely and this past November its Age 60 Aviation Rulemaking Committee issued an extensive report on this topic.

The European Commission also recently adopted an "airport package" consisting of three key initiatives: (1) a proposal for a directive on airport charges; (2) a communication on airport capacity, efficiency and safety in Europe; and (3) a report on the implementation of the directive on groundhandling.  The package focuses on the role of airports in the further development and competitiveness of the European internal aviation market and will shape the future of airport regulation in Europe by ensuring regulatory convergence between Member States.  Full details on the Commission's proposals can be found here.

Our next posting will contain a roundup of the latest details on potential industry mergers and acquisitions, including the collapsed US Airways - Delta merger proposal and the Alitalia privatization process.

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